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The Bagpoint platform consist booking apps, logistic management apps and bag drop systems which is all connected to the Bagpoint platform. There are different kind of partners like airlines, logistic providers, and resellers. Resellers could be the Bagpoint locations where our bag drop systems are installed. This could be hotels, cruise lines, train stations or retail stores. This includes providing booking engines and API connections for online resellers, airlines or OTA’s.

The Bagpoint platform is interesting for any type of partner. For more information please get in touch with the Bagpoint team.

luggage Transport

Driver app –
Dispatch functionality –
Management system –
Bagage communication layer –

Bagpoint app

Creating / modify / view booking –
Luggage status updates –
Online support –


– Counter app
– Plug and play bag drop solution
– Both mobile and permanent version


– Increase customer loyalty
– Easy to connect
– One time connection for global usage

Bagpoint API

– Booking engine
– Secure airline connections
– Booking management system
– Cloud based

Transport partner

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Bagpoint partner

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