Terms and conditions

Article 1. Applicability, Dutch Law and Competent Judge

1.1. These conditions shall apply to all agreements concluded with us concerning the collection and transport of baggage to the baggage depots on the airport in cooperation with hotel partners.

1.2. All agreements concluded by us shall be subject to the provisions of Dutch Law only. Any disputes resulting from an agreement to which these conditions apply shall be submitted for judgement to the competent judge in Amsterdam, on the understanding that the other party shall be granted a term of four weeks in which to choose a competent judge. This term commences upon our referral to this stipulation in writing.

Article 2. Presenting baggage for storage and acceptance of baggage

2.1. When your luggage is deposited with Leave Your Luggage, the luggage must be properly closed (and locked). Leave Your Luggage will not be liable for any missing items, if it can be demonstrated that the luggage had not been closed properly.

2.2. If an order has been agreed in accordance with article 3, paragraph 1, below, and the number of items of luggage does not correspond to the number detailed in the order, Leave Your Luggage will be entitled to refuse to transport your luggage. Leave Your Luggage will only transport items of luggage when the number of items corresponds to the number of items of luggage filled in during the online reservation process and labelled according to procedure.

2.3. Any objects affixed to suitcases, bags, boxes and the like shall be presented for storage separately. If so requested, the contents of the baggage shall be shown. We shall have a right to refuse baggage presented for storage without stating reasons. We shall not be bound to establish the value of baggage presented to us for storage. If in an agreement the value of baggage given in deposit has been stated, such a statement shall not constitute a contributing factor for proof of the value of the baggage concerned.

2.4. Baggage whose value per package exceeds the amount of € 681,-- may not be presented to us for storage. In addition, no valuables may be presented or stored, such valuables being understood to include jewellery, money,  (travellers-) cheques and travel documents. However, if valuables or baggage worth over  €681.--, are accepted by us anyway, such acceptance shall not be considered to relate to such valuables, or it shall be considered to relate only to those goods that represent together a value of € 681,--. Delivery of baggage whose value exceeds the amount of € 681,-- shall for the amount exceeding € 681.-- take place at the other party's risk.

2.5. Contrary to the provision of the previous section, baggage whose value exceeds the amount of€ 681.-- may be accepted by us for storage, after an agreement on such baggage has been concluded, which agreement shall be laid down by us in writing. A different fee shall apply to such an agreement. For the rest, these General Conditions shall apply thereto, with the exception of article 2, section 2 and article 8, section 3. Such an agreement cannot be concluded for the making available of baggage lockers.

Article 3. Conclusion of the agreement

3.1. Agreements about storing and transporting luggage will be deemed concluded as soon as the other party has filled in his/her details and accepted the terms and conditions. Once the payment has been completed, and the other party has been issued with his/her receipt, the other party will be deemed to have agreed to the general terms and conditions, which can be found at www.leaveyourluggage.com/terms_and_conditions.

3.2. The luggage will be labelled when it is deposited in the hotel. A receipt will be given to the other party who shall sign to confirm the luggage has been deposited and a receipt is given.

3.3. On showing of the receipt, the other party may collect the luggage at Schiphol airport. The other party must sign to confirm he/she has collected his/her luggage.

3.4. After having signed both to deposit and then to collect the luggage, the other party may no longer legally submit a lost luggage claim.

3.5.  Any arrangements and/or pledges made by our staff which deviate from the agreement shall apply only insofar as these haven been agreed upon in writing.

Article 4. Cancellation

4.1 The cancellation of a booking can only occur either via the website or by sending an email that includes the reservation details to support@bagpoint.co. If the notification of the cancellation is sent by e-mail, then the cancellation is effective from the time the e-mail is sent.

4.2 In the event of a cancellation in accordance with article 4 section 1 and 2, a full refund will be given. The refund will be processed within seven days of the notification of the cancellation.

4.3 A cancellation will only be accepted if the notification of the cancellation was sent at least one day (24 hours) before the requested collection date.

Article 5. Inspection, removal and destruction of baggage

5.1 We shall have a right to inspect the contents of baggage given in deposit, also if baggage has been entrusted to the hotel where the other party has stayed in a closed suitcase or box, etc. Baggage which, in our opinion, presents a hazard or causes inconvenience, such as, for instance, explosives, chemicals, perishable goods and the like, may be destroyed or removed at the other party‘s expense, or sold by us without the other party being able to enforce any claims against us in this respect.

Article 6. Baggage collection by the client

6.1 Baggage shall be collected during the opening hours stated and prior to expiry of the term for which storage has been agreed upon. Unless otherwise stated, this term for baggage taken in deposit shall be three calendar days commencing on the day of delivery of that baggage.

6.2 Baggage shall be returned on surrender of the receipt issued by us when the baggage was accepted. We shall be discharged from responsibility towards anyone if we, without any inspection, return baggage to anyone who is in possession of such a receipt.

Article 7. Loss of receipt

7.1 If the receipt referred to in article 3, section 2 should be lost, we shall be entitled:

a. to establish the identity of the other party on the basis of his/her passport, driving license or any other proof of identity and to make a photocopy of it;

b. not to deliver the baggage until or after the end of the term referred to in article 8, section 1;

c. to demand that an amount in administration costs, as indicated, be paid;

d. to demand that a deposit to be fixed by us be paid, to the amount of the value of the baggage. The deposit shall be refunded after fifteen months or when the other party's title to the baggage has been sufficiently established, whichever is earlier.

Article 8. Exceeding the term of storage or term of use

8.1 If the baggage has not been collected within the term for which storage has been agreed upon, we shall be entitled to store the baggage elsewhere as well and/or at a higher fee.

8.2. If, after the term referred to in section 1, two months have expired without the baggage having been collected in accordance with the provisions in article 5 or 6, the other party shall have renounced its right to the baggage. We shall then be entitled to sell such baggage or to destroy it, without the other party, in case of destruction, being able to enforce any claim against us, in case of sale of baggage, the proceeds, less the costs for storage and any other costs incurred by us, shall remain at the disposal of the other party during a maximum period of one year after the term referred to in the first sentence of this section.

Article 9. Liability

9.1 We shall be liable exclusively for demonstrable and attributable damage to or loss of baggage given in deposit insofar as such damage and loss are not covered and compensated by an insurance policy taken out by the other party.

9.2 If we should be liable, our liability shall at all times be limited to an amount of € 681.-- per piece of baggage, for which a receipt in the sense of article 3, section 2 has been issued and can be shown.

9.3 If the baggage of the other party should cause attributable damage to us or to baggage of third parties, the other party shall compensate us for such damage.

Article 10. Damage report and payment of damage

10.1 In case of damage or loss, the other party shall inform Schiphol Dienstverlening B.V. accordingly at once. If there are suspicions of theft, this shall be reported without delay to the police at Schiphol airport as well. Furthermore, the other party shall notify us in writing as soon as possible, however, in any case within 48 hours after the damage has been found stating the circumstances under which the damage occurred and forward us a copy of the report, if any, made to the police concerning the damage.

10.2 Damages shall be paid by us within one week after our liability and the amount in damages have been finally established. If there should be question of lost goods and if these goods should be recovered, the other party shall be obliged to take back such goods and to refund to us damages already paid.

Article 11. Recourse

The other party shall be obliged to transfer to us in writing any claims for compensation which it may enforce against third parties. up to the maximum amount in damages received.


The moment that SDBV takes the luggage into its care, it will no longer be possible to appeal to the aforementioned terms and conditions of Leave Your Luggage. As of that moment, SDBV’s terms and conditions will become applicable.