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Luggage storage and transportation

Enjoy your stay, all the way to the end

We carry your luggage from your hotel to Schiphol airport

Step 1: Attach luggage label

Print out the luggage label we have provided and attach one to every of your suitcases or bags.

Step 2: Leave Your Luggage

Checkout at your hotel and leave your luggage with the concierge or reception. Make sure that you notify them about the usage of our service.

Step 3: Enjoy your free time

Enjoy your last day in the city, luggage free.

Step 4: Pickup luggage

From wherever you are, go straight to the airport and pick up your luggage at the bagage depot between departures hall 1 and 2. Click here for a map


Instead of carrying your luggage to places like Amsterdam Central Station, you can now move freely from the beginning of the day until the very last moment while your luggage is already waiting for you on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.


Make the most out of your last day by being able to enjoy Amsterdam directly after checkout. Now you can do activities again such as: corporate meetings, congresses, shopping, museum visits, canal tours, cycling etc.


Your Luggage will be safely transported to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. On Schiphol it will be stored in the official baggage storage depot. You can pick it up here before you check in for your flight. The baggage depot is easily accessible from the departure halls.


First suitcase

The price is fixed, regardless of the size or weight of your luggage!



Additional suitcases

We transport every item you request, whether this is a small backpack or a heavy suitcase.

€10,- each

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