Baggage services from home and hub locations

While we check-in your bag, you enjoy your seamless experience

We transport luggage to and from the airport, so you can pack heavy but travel freely

We pick-up

Drop off your bags at your hotel, cruise arrival dock, or corporate office after booking our service.

We transport

Bagpoint drivers will then pick up your luggage and transport them safely to the airport within two hours.

We check in

Your bags will be delivered at the baggage depot where they will be checked in.

You relax

We can pick up your bags at the airport and take them to any location in the Amsterdam Area.

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Pricing and Coverage

Flexible, modify or cancel free of cost up to 2 hours before pick-up.


For 1 bag
€10,- for every extra bag


For 2 bags
€10,- for every extra bag

Safe and Secure

Your bags are in safe hands. receive notifications about your bag status upon pick-up and delivery

ID Verification

Make sure you have the necessary travel documents.


our bags are in insured against theft and damage.

GDPR Compliance

We ensure the safety and anonymity of your data according to GDPR regulations.


your bags are transported safe and secure and on time.